I first met Sarah four years ago when she was working for a spa company. I found her service to be very professional and fulfilled all my requirements. She then changed companies, and I felt strongly about her skills that I changed to that company also. I continued to use her for the next 2 year. I have used her services once a month and made a day of it.
            I have used spa services for many years and have never met anyone as personable as Sarah, her quality of work is exceptional and up to date with the latest trends. Sarah makes you feel comfortable and at ease during your treatments. I have highly recommended her to many of my friends and plan to continue using her where ever she goes. During my treatments Sarah and I have formed a relationship that I cherish deeply.​

Vicky Catto      -West Kelowna

            We have know Sarah for several years in her role as an esthetician. From the first time we both met her, we were struck by her engaging personality and the excellence of her work. Sarah is a very warm and caring young women with an amazing ability to make her client feel comfortable and confident while she carries out the treatment regime. 

Doug Armet , Carol McFadyen Armet       -West Kelowna

           For over a year my friend Josephine and I have been clients of Sarah Holland. Over that time we have come to appreciate the quality of service and care Sarah provides in a very professional and business like manner. 

           We look forward to continuing to support Sarah as she develops her business and wish her well. 

John B         -Peachland 

       I consider it a great blessing to have met Sarah more than 4 years ago, an encounter which has since blossomed into a wonderful relationship and friendship. 

      She views her work not just as a vocation, but as a great passion, stepping into her spa is like entering a private oasis.

     Sarah is a true professional with a conscience, a kind heart, a thorough meticulousness and a genuine desire to help people.

Kathy Dietrick      -West Kelowna 

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