Feet and Hands 


Kokoro Signature Manicure


    Enjoy a customized hand soak with a chosen essential oil. Fingernail trimming, filing, and cuticle attention, followed by a warm hand wrap. A relaxing hand and arm massage using the Aveda Hand Relief relaxes the senses and hydrates the skin. A chosen polish finishes your delicate hand treatment.              


                                     1 hour     45


   Mens  Hand Treatment


                                     1 hour     40




Spa Treatments

Kokoro Signature Pedicure


    Relax your tired feet in a warm Aveda Rosemary Mint cleansing foot bath. Customize your pedicure by choosing a natural essential oil that will be incorporated throughout your treatment. The toe nails will be trimmed, filed and cuticle care will create a fresh look. Attention to the bottoms of the feet around dry and callused areas will be gently filed and treated with a beautiful exfoliating salt blend. After rinsing off in your foot bath, a relaxing foot and leg massgage using Aveda foot relief. The feet will be wrapped in a warm towel for complete bliss. Enjoy your finishing touch of a perfect color on those toes. 


                                   1 hour     60


   Mens  Foot Treatment


                                    1 hour    55

              Upon requests
French Polish  10


Finger nails or toe nails

Nail Polish Change only      15  

Includes a nail polish removal, and a simple file

with the application of a new nail polish. 

French Nail Polish Change only      20

Includes a nail polish removal, and a simple file

with the application of white tips and soft pink nail polish. 


Extra Frills


Warm stone massage on calves and feet      10


Perfecting Plant Peel treatment on hands    15

Gives you the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel but without the associated irritation










Stress-fix Manicure 

Introducing the Stress-fix aroma that is clinically poven to reduce feelings of stress.

The hands or soaked in the Stress-fix Soaking Salts. The massage is preformed with the Stress-fix body lotion. The hands are then wrapped in a warm aromatic towel. Polished to perfection.

                                  1 hour     50


Stress-fix Pedicure

Feet are soaked in Stress-fix Soaking Salts. The foot massage is preformed with the Stress-fix body creme followed with reflexology points. The feet are then wrapped in a warm aromatic towels. The toes are polished to perfection.


                                   1 hour    70




Hair removal

Experience gentle waxing with two beautiful waxing techniques.

 Alaska soft wax- used for larger areas, such as the legs, chest and back. The warm wax is applied to the treated area, then removed with strips leaving the skin feeling  smooth. 

Cirepil Blue hard wax- used for more sensitive smaller areas, such as the upper lip, under arm , and bikini area. The wax is applied to the skin and set for a moment. The wax ad hears to the hair instead of the skin, making for a more gentle removal. The wax itself is removed leaving the skin smooth. The results are less irritating and have been a pleasant surprise for most guests.

Eyebrow design                 $15
Upper Lip                           $10
Chin and cheeks                $20
Underarm                           $15
Arms             Lower  $20   Upper  $15   Full  $30
Tummy                                $15 +up
Chest or Back                     $40 +up
Basic bikini wax                 $25
French bikini                      $40
Brazilian                              $50
Legs              Lower  $30   Upper  $40   Full $60
Toes                                      $10



​Body treatments

Eyebrow and lash tinting gives definition to brows and lashes and frames the eyes. It can be a nice treat for a bride, swimmers and women who need to save time with morning make-up application. The vegetable dye will last from 3-6 weeks.  

                                     Eyebrow tinting   $15

                                     Eyelash tinting     $20

                                     Eyebrow and Eyelash $30

Customized Facial


        Begin each service with a skin consultation while relaxing your feet in a warm foot soak of a calming blend of Aveda Rosemary mint body cleanser. You will then choose your prefered essential oil to enjoy throughout your service. As you inhale and exhale your three most important breaths, your journey begins. Your facial treatment includes a cleanse of the face and decollete. Warm towel removal is used throughout the service. A skin analysis will take place, to examine the guest's skin conditions. A skin refining treatment will follow to create a smoother more even surface. The feet will then receive some attention with a relaxing foot massage using Aveda foot Relief, and finished with a warm towel wrap. A relaxing massage of the neck shoulders and face is performed with a goal to soothe the nervous system and tone the muscle system. While a treatment masque is applied to targeted facial areas, the arms and hands receive an Aveda hand relief massage to increase relaxation and add circulation. The skin is treated with enhancing treatments and protected with a moisturizer. As you inhale and exhale your three new breaths of bliss, your mind is calm and your face and body is rejuvenated. 

                                                                                                                                                                        $90   1hour 


Please arrive on time for your facial treatment to allow yourself comfortable time  to change, use the washroom and fill out an Elemental Nature Questionaire. 


Customized Aveda  products are chosen based on the guest's consultation to target areas of concern and created the ultimate sense of relaxing. 




Back treatment


    Relaxation Massage 


              This full body massage will consist of a series of deeply relaxing movements to create a sense of well-being, improves circulation, and reduces stress. Begin your treatment with a relaxing foot soak with purifying aromas such as Rosemary mint. Your choice of aroma will be chosen to customize your massage treatment. A skin-conditioning blend of light, non-greasy plant oils including sweet almond, avocado and sesame, with vitamins A and E that smooth and moisturize will be massaged into your skin. Warm stones will be introduced to the back area to deeply relax sore and tense muscles. Completely relax as you focus on your breathing and take this time for you.

                     $40   30 mins massage                 $75    60 mins massage                 $100    90 mins   massage


Please arrive on time to your appointment to fully take in your complete experience.

        For the hard to reach spot. This treatment includes a deep cleanse of the skin on your back. An exfoliating masque is applied to create a smooth surface and increase cellular turnover.  A warm towel is used to remove the product. Additional attention to the back area is preformed including extractions if needed. The treatment is completed with a 30 min. back massage using a customized Aveda massage oil. 

                                                                                                                                                                   $65    1 hour

    Fusion Stone Massage

           The fusion stone massage is a combination of stone massage with traditionally used massage techniques. This treatment is designed to enhance the massage experience by incorporating the use of warm stones as well as cool stones around the eye area.  By increasing the heat and using varied pressures the muscle tissues relax. This beautiful treatment has benefits of stress relief and an increase in surface circulation.

                                                                                                                                                                   $100     90 mins


    Stress-fix Massage      



          Unwind your mind and body. The focuss of this treatment is to relieve stress and to focus on your breath. Through the power of touch, breath and the Stress-fix aroma- proven to reduce the feelings of stress- you can help retore balance in your life. Take a personal retreat while  soaking your feet in a warm bowl of Aveda Stress-fix soaking salts. The aromas of organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage are incorporated throughout this massage. Swedish and deep tissue techniques are performed on the back area followed by a scalp ritual of focussed pressure points. Attention to the lower body is followed by reflexology on the foot area. Less stress is a breath away.


                                                                                                                                                                   $80       1 hour

     Scalp Neck and Shoulder Massage

             ​To release the tension in the head, neck and shoulder area this treatment focuses on stimulating the nerve endings and increasing circulation. Attention is focussed on the neck and shoulder area, while providng deep relaxation, stimulation of blood flow and overall improves of health to our bodies. Relax to recharge.

                                                                                                                                                                    $55       45 mins

Foot Relief

Experience relief in your lower legs and feet as they are pampered throughout this relaxing treatment. You will begin with a warm foot soak of calming aromas such as Lavender and Clary Sage. As you comfortably rest in the treament room, the focus begins  on ones breath, the soothing music and the calming aromas as you slowly release your tension through the soles of your feet. This treatment features a thorough foot scrub using the Aveda Stress Fix body salts. A warm aromatic steam wrap then soothes the ankles and the feet.  Followed by a deep massage of the calves and the feet, melt away as you experience the warmth of the basalt stones as they gently bring your system into balance.

                                                                                                                                                               $70      1 hour

Kokoro Salt Glow

      If your skin feels tight, dry and dehydrated, your body will benefit from a blend of salts and essential oils massaged over the surface of your skin. Your legs, arms, back, decollete will be exfoliated to remove any excess dryness. Followed by a warm towel removal, the skin is left smooth to the touch. The body is then moisturized with a hydrating lotion. 


                                                                                                                                                                   $90      90 mins

To fully enjoy your body treatment experience,  please arrive on time to your appointment to allow yourself a few moments to use the Washroom, Change and Enjoy an aromatic foot soak as you fill out your Elemental Nature Questionaire. 

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